Turning 11 and how times flies

After recently appointing a new Coordinator, Chris, who has is a qualified Personal Trainer, we wanted to incorporate his outside interests into the workplace and help get our employees more active and fitter.

We have a very active side of the workforce- those in the community moving constantly day in, day out to different Service users homes however for those based in the office who spend many of our days based at desks and looking at a computer screen, we wanted to encourage this “get moving initiative” to both the physical and mental well-being of the team.

Currently 6 of our staff members are on an 8-week plan training with Chris twice a week before work, to set them up for the day ahead and then Chris has been setting some “homework”. There has been a mixture of high intensity workouts, boxing, running and yoga helping to get those endorphins released.

As an incentive the Company has sponsored this initial 8-week period and the craze seems to be contagious as many other members of the team who have witness the workouts and the positive energy post workout, want to sign up for the “January Jumpstart challenge”. This challenge will be aiming to jumpstart our employees into the new year with a new outlook and work towards our team building event in April 2020- Rough Runner.


lady boxing


In line with our sister company Axela Innovations, the 6 staff currently on the 8-week plan have been given a Fit-Bit and agreed for their data to be used to assist with the development of cAir ID, our very own app. cAir:ID is a smart, real time system that assists professional health and medical care providers in understanding, managing and caring for the individual. It allows monitoring and real time health and fitness data to be viewed in one place and benchmarked against whats normal for you, giving helpful information and support to manage and conditions you might have - Find out more about cAir:ID here


Our HR and Operations Director who is taking part in the challenge said:

“I have recently returned from maternity leave and this fitness challenge at work was the kick start I needed. As we are doing our workouts before work, I am motivated to get in earlier and get ready for the day ahead which is usually back to back, so having that 45 minutes of “me” time is so important to me. Chris has been so supportive of all our needs and goals and has really encouraged us all to give this challenge 100%. Having the Directors back us and even take part has also been really motivating for the staff.”