Turning 11 and how times flies

Axela and Respect Care do Cupcake Day 2019 in order to raise money for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our staff baked or purchased, and we raised £300.

The fight against dementia is an important one as this is the most significant cause of death among people who live in England and Wales. Unfortunately, no cure for dementia has been discovered yet and research continues, while the large number of people who suffer from this disease means that the cost of care is very high. Since 2016 Cupcake day has raised £2.7million pounds and we are proud that today we were able to contribute again. Well done and thank you to all who took part.

Kat, our HR advisor said

“We tried to liven up the bake sale today, so we were split into teams and some went to each business around our business complex and some went out on the high street. Despite the rain it was a success, some passers-by even asked if they were from the famous “Lola’s cupcakes” however we were proud to say they were homemade.


Some team members were even approached by salons and shops when walking along the High street as they could see the cupcakes and asked us to pop inside to see their staff. People donated generously especially given the cause it was for and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.