Turning 11 and how times flies

Pressure is a normal part of everyones lives, no more so than in social care where it's our passion to make others have a better and more fulfilling life. But how can we help others if we struggle to cope ourselves?

Andy Hix from Wellbeing Capital & Partners joined us last Thursday to give the Axela group an introduction mental fitness and wellbeing. It was a fun, light-hearted session which helped many of the team to open up on what they consider to be the strongest areas of their lives and what elements they would like to improve.

For many of the team, it was also an introduction to meditation as a method for freeing your mind of worries and stresses. It's fair to say the team found it an enjoyable experience.

On average, the the attendees from this session felt 46% better at the end of the 90 minute introduction.

We're thankful that Andy helped us to decide what actions we wanted to take bring better balance to our lives and promised to follow up with us on those actions. We hope it's the first steps to building a more resilient and an even happier team at Axela.


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