Turning 11 and how times flies

Mental health has become somewhat of a hot topic as of late but for good reasons. Many well-known and public faces have spoken out about their own mental health issues in relation to the rising challenges that face as all in the current climate. All these factors we all experience directly or indirectly undoubtedly have an impact on each and every one of us and in turn our mental health. 

For many years the stigma that has been attached to mental health has seen many people from all walks of life and at all ages, keep their issues and concerns to themselves not wishing to burden anyone. However, with more and more people speaking out, making these tough talking points, a normal point of conversation there is a slow but definitive shift to removing the stigma which will support greater understanding around the subject. 

So, to support World Mental Health Day 2019 and to get people talking, we are arranging a few activities for us all to take part in to help raise awareness on Thursday 10th October 2019:

·       Feel different: All staff are being encouraged to wear green. In colour therapy green is said to stimulate love and compassion. Hopefully we can spread a wave of love in the office and our surroundings.

·       Share: We have a psychologist coming in to give a talk about the importance of mental health, some key issues and how to recognise signs for you and others and when to get support.

·       Have fun and that little bit of “you time”: Alongside our weekly fitness session, an outdoor Tai Chi session will be held with some mindful meditation.